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Nursery and Preschools

Bright Beginnings Nursery

41 Snowberry Cres, Havant PO9 2FE, UK – 023 9245 0758

great nursery, friendly staff... happy children

Growing Places @ Havant Academy

Wakefords Way, Havant PO9 5JD, UK – 023 9249 8217

The staff are so friendly and helpful, the nursery itself is fantastic, with lots of different things to do. This for me is a perfect nursery for my son who has restricted language atm

The team are wonderful and incredibly welcoming. They are informative about what is happening at nursery and keep me updated about my child's day-to-day activities and progress. They have created a safe environment so that my son can play/learn safely, while being cared for as if he were at home. He is becoming much more confident in social situations and transfers what he is learning at nursery to life at home.

Green Roots Nursery & Preschool

231-233 Main Rd, Southbourne, Emsworth PO10 8JD, UK – 01243 373931

Primary and Secondary Schools

Warblington School

Southleigh Rd, Havant PO9 2RR, UK – 023 9247 5480

Have 2 children at this school both doing really well , both have gone up to top groups since being there.would definitely recommend and I have 2 other children that will be going there in the future

Glenwood School

Washington Road, Emsworth PO10 7NN, UK – 01243 373120

i really like Glenwood school because the teachers and students are lovely i recommend your child goes there if they learning diffcuties it is a good school

Thank you for being great today helping out EPS .... Really appreciate that .... from a mum x

Bourne Community College

Park Road, Southbourne PO10 8PJ, UK – 01243 375691

Unlike the other rather bland reviews of this school, this is my take on it. (Still at the school, one year left.) Pros: + The majority of the staff members there are helpful, although like every school you have those who are not helpful. Even the most prestigious schools will have these staff members. Therefore this isn't included as a con. + It has a nice, helpful SEN department. Although sadly due to the lack of school funding they had to cut down on some staff, this got rid of some good and some bad. Although I do find that the SEN department now only consists of good staff members who are supportive, and know when to be strict. A nice balance of support and strictness there. + Just wanted to add in an additional one here; Mr Clarke is perhaps the best teacher there. He can deal with students and be nice at the same time, not liking to give out punishments but knowing when it's appropriate and what to give them out for. Keep up the good work! (: Cons: Every school has its cons. :| I'll write this as honestly as a student can, since it's bound to be a bias because I'm a student right? No. - The computers in that school are damaged, can be slow etc..etc. All of the normal maintenance problems for a school that won't turn into an academy. Of course you can blame the government as a factor in this, since they underpay schools. Additionally students can also be blamed since they damage the computers, even though they complain? I'm not one of those, you get what you give I guess. - The facilities there aren't the greatest. (Refer to above point, it has its own separate one because I feel its important enough to earn that, it will not be included in this facility con.). Of course slightly due to the government and students again - The building is somewhat messy, the windows are a bit grubby and chewing gum is under nearly every table. Although, as previously stated; give what you get. Since this is primarily students fault for mistreating the facilities themselves. - The students. The teachers in my personal opinion, (some of them are good. Ms Hudson.) Teachers are not strict enough towards misbehaving students, discipline is low and attempting to bully people is quite high and how they treat eachother. Although of course like most bullies, you get used to their repetitive method of bullying. Overall Summary: A good school, has some minor things like every other school and some pretty big minor things. But out of other schools I would say the level of harassment isn't as high, and the quantity of things you learn is higher then other schools. Including their appropriately arranged groups.

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Public & Preparatory Schools

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